Camberley is a Milk and wholesale food distribution depot. To maintain 1°C – 3°C.

This project was designed with three aspects in mind. First an 18m square x 2.8m high cold room, most of this area is used for milk storage for wholesale distribution. The second was a 4m wide caged off area to one side of the main cold room and separated in to two parts.

The third was a dry goods ambient store 6m x 18m built as a continuation of the cold room structure, which included an insulated door with access to the rear of the two caged areas.

The room was constructed using 100mm thick Polyisocyanurate (PIR) sandwich panels from Kingspan, which are LPCB certified.

To the front of the cold room were fitted three equal sized sliding, insulated doors to allow for the loading of multiple vehicles at one time. Two other insulated doors were also fitted. One hinged to allow access to the front of the caged areas, the other a smaller sliding door for access in to the ambient store.

For the lighting on this project LED tubes in double 5ft vapour seal fittings were chosen, switched using timed motion sensors. Emergency lighting was also installed throughout.

The room was finished using Goal post style door protection, Angle iron and Aluminium top hat for wall protection and the addition of a small office attached to the front of the ambient store. This included a bespoke double glazed window, and a personnel door with a viewing panel.