Cold Rooms

There are many options to consider when deciding on a cold room design, size being the main one. For small cold rooms and freezers choose the Mini Room option, For medium sized rooms choose Modular, and for the bespoke, large walk in or drive in cold store and freezer options please choose Industrial.

  • Domestic walk-in fridges

    The domestic walk-in fridges are ideal for those that love to create in the kitchen, whether your catering for parties or a group of friends, storage space won`t be a problem with these rooms.

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  • Mini-Rooms

    The versatile mini cold room options are ideal if you only have a limited space. They can be constructed quickly and easily and into an alcove if necessary as they can be assembled working from within the cold room.

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  • Modular Cold Rooms

    Our extensive range of modular cold rooms are suitable for many applications including food storage, butchery, floristry, pharmaceutical and mortuary applications, to name but a few.

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  • Industrial Cold Rooms

    The scope of our industrial range is virtually limitless, with uses including chilled and frozen product storage, temperature controlled distribution stores as well as food preparation and production areas, the industrial insulated sandwich panels are the ideal choice.

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