Domestic Walk-in-Fridge

We were approached by Paul and Ashley to design and build a bespoke mini walk-in fridge for their kitchen, to be installed during the kitchen re-fit.


Once the existing wall was removed and a new floor had been laid, we began by placing the insulated panels in position. For this project we used Kingspan 80mm PIR industrial sandwich panels, cut to fit tight into the available space then finished with Coving style trim.


As the door is on show in the kitchen we had to pay great attention to the finishing details, such as the frame, handle and hinges. The door and frame are finished using champagne coloured brushed aluminium, it was then fitted with chrome hinges, door latch and strike.


A low profile LU-VE evaporator was chosen for this project as it is small and quiet, and with a plastic casing it is easily kept clean. With a J & E Halls Fusion condensing unit outside and an Eliwell control panel hidden in a cupboard, the whole system is compact, quiet and unobtrusive.


When the door is opened a PIR sensor switches on a small round bulkhead style light with a low wattage bulb fitted, the sensor has an incorporated timer so once the door is closed the light goes off after a set time. Stainless steel wire shelving was installed to three sides, comprising of two five tier sections to the sides and one six tier across the back.


Once we had finished our installation, the clients kitchen fitters and decorators finished the outside of the fridge to blend in with the kitchen design. With the walls plastered up to the door frame and a matching laminate sheet attached to the face of the door, this unique installation was complete.

Client Testimonial

"We dealt with Steve from the start of our concept of having a walk in cold room/fridge at home. From that moment on he went through every detail of how it would look and operate, even giving us a choice of hinges and handles. The end product is fantastic and the envy of all our friends. We would 100% recommend Polarcool and Steve!!!"

- Paul and Ashley coplestone